Planned Improvements to SyMBA

This page is now out of date, but kept for historical reasons. Please ignore, and use the SyMBA issue tracker for any further issues.

The older, original task list is below. I'll keep marking the already-listed tasks when they are completed, but all new tasks get put on the project management system linked above.

  • completed, release 7.10 - Propogation to, including the subversion repository there
  • completed, release 7.10 - inclusion of other interested programmers once SyMBA is a sourceforge project
  • completed, release 8.05 - add the description of each data file to the display screen
  • completed, release 8.09 - upgrading to FuGE Version 1
  • completed, release 7.10 - maven 1.0.2 to maven 2
  • completed, release 7.11 andromda 3.2-SNAPSHOT to andromda 3.2
  • andromda 3.2 to andromda 4
  • completed, release 8.09 - UML 1.4 to UML 2
  • Increased Search facilities including:
    • completed, release 8.03 - ontology terms
    • friendly names
    • completed, release 8.03 - experiment names
    • hypotheses
    • conclusions
    • joining these searches together
    • completed, release 8.05 - pre-loading of correct file type, filename, multi-select menus if you go back to a page, or to select at the beginning of a deposition
    • linking of experiments together
  • completed, release 8.09 - Expanded hierarchy of Experiment List, rather than just a table view
  • Creation of the front-end "Protocol Wizard", which will simplify addition of Protocols to SyMBA. Currently protocols can only be loaded directly from the command line into the database.
  • Admin pages, for example the Protocol Wizard might need to be restricted to users with admin access. Would also allow view/editing of the entire non-private contents of the database from the front-end.
  • Color-coding the experiment list by protocol/workflow type
  • completed, release 8.05 - Re-built LSID authority from scratch using CXF (Crossfire).
  • completed and ongoing, release 8.09 - Unit tests have been added, with more that will be added as required.
  • completed, release 8.09 - set this namespace property to get all code to be templated in Java 1.5 style:
  • Have proper error-checking in place for using different servers that have very different dates set. This may result in problems with loading protocols from one server onto a database on a second server.
  • An ontology term tracker that could automatically add terms to the interface, as this is the main way the experimental factors are stored.