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Modifying and Running Your Own SyMBA Web Services

If you wish to use the SyMBA LSID web service API, but need a different implementation of the Assigner and/or the Resolver/Retriever, you can easily accomplish this via your own implementation of the three interfaces present within the symba-lsid-ws-api module. Create your own implementations for whichever class needs to have behaviour different from the provided implementations. You can do this by

  • Copy the SyMBA module you wish to make your own implementation of (e.g. the symba-lsid-ws-assigner module), giving a different name to the new directory.

  • Change the name of the module in the copied pom.xml.

  • Change the LsidAssignerImpl code to suit your needs, ensuring that you also change the name of the class and/or the package it is contained in to avoid any possibility of a clash.

  • Build the war with "mvn install" and then access your new WS with your own version of the client code, as exemplified in the symba-lsid-ws-client module.

  • If you wish this module to be built as part of the parent's "mvn install" command from the trunk/ directory, then you will need to add the module name to the trunk/pom.xml, in the module section.

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