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Installing SSH

While the STK does NOT require SSH, if your database server will be running on a different machine from where you have this project installed, you may wish to be able to log on to that remote machine.

  • Ubuntu. In Ubuntu, you can just run the following command to install ssh if you don't have it yet on the appropriate two machines:

      sudo apt-get install ssh
  • Other OSs. You may already have ssh installed on the appropriate machines. You can use either commercial SSH or the open alternative, OpenSSH (this is what Ubuntu installs using the above command).

  • Windows. There are a couple of options for installing an OpenSSH server on your windows machine, though neither are particularly easy. (This is another reason we recommend running the webapp from a *nix environment.)

    • One option for OpenSSH is to install OpenSSH for Windows , which installs a minimal cygwin package .

    • Fully install cygwin, and then install OpenSSH within cygwin. We recommend installing cygwin to help you with this task. When running setup.exe during the cygwin installation, ensure that you select "openssh" for installation. This application lives underneath the "Net" section of the cygwin install. There are some useful instructions for setting up SSH via cygwin here . In short, however, once cygwin is installed and the users set up, you can set up the SSH service with two commands. Firstly, run ssh-host-config , which sets up the server information for SSH. This is an interactive setup program. Secondly, you will want to set up user private and public keys with ssh-user-config . Remember that the user you run ssh-user-config for is the user that you need to provide the details of within the net.sourceforge.symba.webapp.scp.* variables inside the top-level pom.xml.

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